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Fallen from Grace {Friday Reflection}

Moving into a new place comes with its set of new faces and personalities. I have been doing my bit to get on with the social activities of the colony to familiarize myself with the peeps here. One such lady seems to be a regular on the morning walks and pretty soon we were exchanging […]

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A health & fitness pact with myself

Ever since I hit 40, I have become a little conscious of my health and what I eat. I made certain changes in my lifestyle to eliminate some habits which I felt were not good in the long run and added some which, well…. we shall see how they turn out to be ūüėČ This […]

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The struggle ends when Gratitude begins!!

So often we forget how and why we got something we desired¬†that the moment we get it; the thanks gets lost in the excitement. This April I had ¬†huge changes in my life and watched it¬†all unfold with a bowed head to the almighty for his generosity. (I could finally say “someone up there really […]

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#ThankfulThursdays | 5 Beauty Products I am Thankful for |

I remember being fascinated with my Mom’s beauty valise – a vanity case which was like a treasure trove of colourful pots and jars of lotions, potions and paints. Her dressing table was my playground as I would brush my hair and make endless twirls to preen in front of the large three-sided mirror. (I […]

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#ThankfulThursday – My top five quirks that make me, Me!!!!

When I saw this prompt to express gratitude for five womanly quirks that I am thankful for, I grinned in sheer delight as this is so-me-kinda thing! So of course, I had to scribble out a few lines to satisfy the devil in me. So here goes folks, an uncut unabridged version of my fallacies, […]

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|The Great Indian Men-tality | Women’s Day 2017 |

The fact of the matter is that a¬†man in India is revered by his; Family, for he would ensure progression of generation plus money would come in on his wedding as opposed to a girls, where it goes out (dowry) Father, for he would take care of business / his old age , etc. Mother, […]

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| #ThankfulThursdays | Silent Gratitude |

¬†#ThankfulThursdays¬† The Latin word Gratus means thankful or pleasing and is generally attributed to be the source of the English word Gratitude. In our life there are many people and circumstances who/which can be credited for defining us. While growing up it’s our parents/ siblings/ educators who have taught us innumerable lessons, helped us patiently […]

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#ThankfulThursdays: 5 Vices I am thankful for

I confess I have become addicted to the thought-provoking writing prompts via #thankfulthursdays by Amrita and her gang of girls. Every week I wait for it eagerly and they never disappoint. But this week’s prompt is such a tantalizing one that I think the ladies have surpassed themselves. Can you imagine being thankful for your […]

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#MondayMusings: The devil on my shoulder!

There is this tiny little devil inside of me who often pops up to sit on my shoulder and views the world from there, all the while lending me his two bits on the happenings in my life. No he is not judgemental, just observant and vociferous.😉¬†(To celebrate this belief, I had one tattooed on […]

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#ThankfulThursday: Thankful for love

#ThankfulThursday When I saw this week’s prompt for #thankfulthursday, I was a little flummoxed (my love life is at an epic low at the moment). Thankful for love – any kind- hmmmmm!!¬†My mental gears whirred and vroomed while I plied myself with a bottle of red wine (you see writing about love warrants wine) Then […]

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Dreamcatcher – to catch a dream………

Dreamcatcher A jaunt¬†amidst the colourful stalls at the much talked about Surajkund crafts mela this week was rewarded with a few quirky picks. Not just the traditional art and crafts of India but curios inspired from lifestyle, movies and of course the West. Everywhere one looked, there was a rainbow of knickknacks, vibrant textiles, jewellery […]

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chrysanthmums-flowers-early-morning- temper-anger-balance-always-anyway-arrive-aspire-barwowe-ubc-tempering my nature

Tempering my nature

Tempering When you arrive at conclusions just as I do after a fight So sure in your arguments, because you believe you are always right Know that words once spoken can’t go back They stay etched in a heart, broken by slack Aspire to find balance in your words n temper Anyway and every way, […]

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Eat, Pray, Love !!!

When I first watched this movie – Eat, Pray, Love – some 6¬†years back, I simply couldn’t relate to it and dismissed it. The book was even worse and I couldn’t get past 4-5 pages. So that was that. Cut to 2016, a lot of emotional upheavals later, I caught the tail end of this […]

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#NaBloPoMo: Day #30: Sammasati – The remembrance!

#NaBloPoMo Last day card and I am not sure if I am sorry its over or relieved ūüėČ What a journey this has been for me all this month and I just want to thank Kashmira Mody for designing such an insightful pack of cards and gifting me one; Shilpi & Manish for inviting me […]

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#NaBloPoMo: Day #29: Mind: Still the Mind

#NaBloPoMo This card is an extension to yesterday’s card. I wont elaborate much on it as I find it pretty similar but will say this that calming the mind is the best thing to harvest its full potential. A calm and rested mind is our best ally in the stressful world today – be it […]

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#NaBloPoMo: Day #28: Mind-Stay Calm!

#NaBloPoMo This card talks about the value of¬†resting the mind to keep the creative juices flowing. Our mind handles an immense number of thoughts and issues; so it needs to be recharged periodically through short resting phases. This is why we have sleep in our life. Besides sleep/nap time, the mind needs to be consciously […]

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#NaBloPoMo: Day #27: Balance – Give away something you love!

#NaBloPoMo De-cluttering my life has been on my plate¬†since past few months. The¬†idea being ¬†take out everything in the house that I haven’t used for few¬†months; be it clothes, linen, shoes, bags, utensils, crockery, etc. Basically anything that has the feel of hoarded up without a utility is going to be tossed out unceremoniously. The […]

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#NaBloPoMo: Day #26: Mind- Reset your patterns

#NaBloPoMo This card essentially talks about looking at things from a different perspective.¬†Lately I have come of realisation that it’s not that things are going wrong in my life it’s just that I am not looking at things in the way I am supposed to look at them. I have started thinking that it’s not […]

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#NaBloPoMo: Day #25: Mind- Unburden your mind!

#NaBloPoMo How I reverberate with this card. I am one of those who loves to make lists and feels very accomplished by just making one ūüėČ And yes I am talking about writing down on a piece of paper and not on an app or the phone. The actual act of writing down is liberating […]

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