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#FridayFiction: An App a date, keeps the nags away.

#FridayFiction Tilting the mirror towards her, she re-applied her lipstick for the umpteenth time, still unsure if it was too bright. Alright let’s do this, she mentally geared herself for the task ahead. She parked her car and starting walking towards the mall entry, her heels clicking rhythmically. Damn the day had turned a tad […]

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#FridayFiction : You are cheating on me, arent you darling?

#FridayFiction The TV screamed with the frenzy that is usually associated with an Indo-Pak cricket match while Kushal mouthed his frustration at the dropped catch. Ananya sat quietly by his side, tapping away on her laptop, keeping a furtive eye on her husband. She didn’t want him to see what she was doing. “What on earth […]

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#MicroBlogMondays-* I Am*

Follow my blog with Bloglovin #MicroblogMondays: I felt extremely bereft when the 3 quotes, 3 day challenge got over and wanted to continue it somehow. So I thought why not just write some mini blogs and centre them around a quote that I like; make it a weekly activity. Then I remembered the Microblog Mondays […]

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3 Quotes, 3 days challenge – Day 2

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Image courtesy – Pinterest ” Those who don’t believe in magic; will never find it! ” – Roald Dahl   Its Roald Dahl’s 100 bday and its apt that I am choosing one of his famous quotes to introspect on for this challenge. I have also used another related quote in […]

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How Wonderful! A joy workshop by Nithyashanti

On sunday I attended my first ever Joy Workshop by the very well-known motivational speaker NithyaShanti. It was an open session, hosted by someone at their residence in gurgaon (I didn’t know a single soul there; but there were some 100+ people attending the session) The very first thing that struck me about him was […]

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That girlie problem #PeriodPride

I have been reading a few posts on #PeriodPride – a blogging initiative started by Write tribe, Naari and We are the city  and decided to pen down my own, even though the competition is over. My aim is to share my emotions and experience with “that girlie problem” that was intoned in such hushed tones […]

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Life is a journey

As I start a new blogging journey with #MyfriendAlexa campaign, it leads me I know not to where but I hope not to anything less than satisfaction. I looked around and could see other bloggers already into the gear of get go before the starting gun went off, and here I am still struggling to write about something. […]

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