#ClickandBlogAStory: Journey of mine alone

Journey of mine alone


I thought I was traveling on a beaten old road

which had seen many travellers, young and old

But it was the journey of my life alone

which only I could undertake on my own

I thought I met a devil on the road ofย strife

leading me astray through temptations

But he was the angel of my life

making me aware of my expectations

I thought I had mountains to climb steep

All the way uphill without any sleep

But they were the challenges for me to meet

To come victorious through the feat

I thought the rocks were to weary my sole

Beat them to submission into a sorry role

But they were the troubles of my soul

Which I had to overcome, to not take a toll

I thought the clouds came to rain down the cold

Make me freeze into a snow-covered mould

But they were the climax of my story

Bringing me the rainbows of glory

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20 thoughts on “#ClickandBlogAStory: Journey of mine alone

    1. Wow Ramya- thank you so much for these words- you are quite a poetess and coming from you, this is very high praise!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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