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Life is a journey

As I start a new blogging journey with #MyfriendAlexa campaign, it leads me I know not to where but I hope not to anything less than satisfaction. I looked around and could see other bloggers already into the gear of get go before the starting gun went off, and here I am still struggling to write about something. […]

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Hot and dusty winds blow across the day, hinting at summer storms Cuckoos call out fiendishly in the mango trees, anticipating the ripe fruits fragrance of the new blossoms on the neem trees, sweetening the evening breeze Gulmohar trees are aflame with their orange bounty, competing with the sunsets Not my favourite season in the […]

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When I got to be a Bond Girl!!!

Saturday afternoon saw me flitting about in the latest food festival in town – The gourmet High Street. A gentleman hailed me and said that there is a mixology session about to start with the Speakeasy ( a popular bar n restaurant in gugraon) Bartender – Yangdup Lama! And its a complimentary session (they were […]

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